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Travel by Train

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Travel by train in Europe

Europe is the Rail capital of the world with almost 150,000 miles of tracks.  It’s a great way to travel. It’s comfortable, easy, flexible, and you can have


some space.  The views of the landscapes are incredible.  You see things you would never see by plane or car.  There are departures and arrivals in


the heart of major cities and  many times in and out of main airports.   It’s a totally unique experience.  


Overnight trains are a great option for long hauls. There are 4- types of overnight train accommodations.  1st class single and double sleepers,


coach T-3 (3-beds) T-4 (4-beds) These options have private wash basins, linens, and towels.  Less expensive would be a couchette, (shared room,


with 6-bunk beds) or a comfortable reclining seat. 


There are several options for buying train tickets. 1st class, 2nd class, senior rates, and youth rates.   From a single ticket from one city to another up


to a 2-month rail pass that will allow you to travel to 33 countries!


Let me know when you are ready for Europe!

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