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On June 6, 1944 the allied armies of the United States, Great Britain and Canada conducted an amphibious assault on the axis held beaches of Normandy,France.


Thanks to the incredible bravery and sacrifice of the young men who stormed that shore, Western Europe was eventually freed from the heinous yoke of Nazi tyranny.


Today you can walk along those beaches and reflect on the courage and determination of those men, many of them as young as 18 or 19. When one sees in person the commanding view of the beachhead that was held by the German army, one feels an overwhelming sense of awe and gratitude towards those men.


They persevered, even as the water turned red with their blood.  


On the bluffs above the beachhead landing zones there are cemeteries where the fallen lay. It is a scene that can easily move one to tears.


Though it is a somber experience, it is one that should not be missed.  The opportunity to pay respects to such brave and selfless souls, and to reflect upon the great good that came from their sacrifice, is a priceless experience.

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