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Belgrade, Serbia's Many Architectures


There may never be another capital in Europe with a violent history. This is the most established city on the continent at the intersection of the incomparable Sava and Danube streams and the empires' frontier. The disturbed few Belgrade structures are as old as several hundred years.


St Mark's Church


This huge Neo-Byzantine church is one of Serbia's most prominent, even though its external construction finished during the 1930s. Its inside works are still progressing. The underground crypt started in 2007 beneath the narthex. The locals moved the burial chambers of Serbian royalty and nineteenth-century clergy here.


Gardoš Tower


In one of the oldest areas of Zemun, people lifted a landmark from the Austro-Hungarian Empire's times on Danube's right bank. With an Eclecticist plan, it was developed over the remnants of a medieval fortress. It was one of a few significant projects on what was once Hungary to commemorate the anniversary.


Church of St Sava


Apart from the Balkan region's most prominent Orthodox Church, St Salva is also the second-largest on the planet. The church is a monument ever so present in the capital of Serbia. On the Vračar plateau, you will see the church's white marble and granite walls from any angle to Belgrade. Additionally, 50 bells chime in the early afternoon that rings out all over the city.


Belgrade Fortress


On a tall edge where the Sava and Danube rivers intersect, Belgrade Fortress contains the whole city and has survived 2,000 years of war. There are historical experiences every step of the way inside the fortress, from the medieval gate of Despot Stefan Lazarević to the Roman well.


Avala Tower


You can drive from Belgrade to the tallest building in the Balkans – the Avala communications tower. Plus, you could ride a tourist shuttle or the bus from Banjica/ Voždovac, which often leaves at intervals at the week's ends from the Nikola Pašić Square.




Belgrade may not have everything, but it has all that a city could need to keep people, even with short attention spans, interested and on the lookout. This is a city of detailed history, breathtaking architecture, and nightlife that never pauses.



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