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History and Culture at Its Finest: Top Museums to Visit in Amsterdam

If you've known Amsterdam before reading this, you've probably heard several things about the place. But we will focus on their culture today.

Amsterdam is said to have more culture per capita than any other city on earth. This recognition stems from its small size and the presence of many museums. These museums reflect history in a detailed manner, which gives them a high standard.

Here are the Top 8 museums to visit when you are in Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Museum

An engaging museum that gives you more details on Amsterdam than any book, site, our tour guide could.

Anne Frank House

The third most visited museum holds realistic stories of Anne Frank and her family hiding from the Nazis. It contains the apartment they hid and allows visitors to walk into their hiding spot before their captivity.


This one is the largest art museum in the Netherlands. It contains collections of dutch history and houses the Van Gogh museum.

Van Gogh Museum

Netherland's most visited museum in 2017 houses an extensive collection of Vincent Van Gogh's works. It is one of the many museums dedicated to him.

Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum

This museum contains up to 6,000 cannabis-related items. It tells the story of cannabis in Amsterdam.

Sex Museum Amsterdam

It is a very famous museum that explores the evolution of human sexuality. It also features related events and details.

The Biblical Museum

This museum is dedicated to telling Bible stories. It explores the relationship between culture, art, and Christianity.

The Museum of Bags and Purses

A museum that started as a single bag is currently a paradise for accessory lovers. It holds a detailed collection of bags and purses.


For a history buff who is yet to visit Amsterdam, I reckon you do so. There are many fun activities to do in the city, like getting a yellow backie, touring with retired twin sex workers, and more. However, history buff or not, these museums are worth seeing.



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