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Lyon, France: A Mecca for Food, Art, and History Lovers

When people talk about France, you hardly hear Lyon come up despite being its third-largest city. You are more likely to hear Paris or Bordeaux, despite the array of impressive things in Lyon. In fact, I could give you over ten reasons why I believe Lyon is one of the most underrated cities in France.

Either way, people who appreciate what Lyon has to offer will enjoy their trip here to the fullest. If you love history, food, or arts, Lyon is a place to travel to at least once in a lifetime. The best part is that it is an affordable place to visit in comparison with Paris.

Gastronomes: Food Lovers

Are you a food lover? First, it is relevant to note that Lyon is tagged as the country's gastronomical capital. Some of the best meals in France are in Lyon. Lyon's geography makes it perfect for gathering fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, quality pork and fresh fish, local cheese, and excellent-quality wine. 

Aesthetes: Art Lovers

In Lyon, you get to see spectacular street art murals. Unlike some common street arts that are vulgar and unartistic, these murals remind you of the reason you love arts in the first place. These murals were done by CitéCréation as a commission by the city to liven it up. 

History Buffs

Lyon houses UNESCO's world heritage site with one of the largest intact Renaissance neighborhoods in Europe, second only to Venice. It is a great place to see renaissance architecture and other historical entities. Lyon has sights that are sure to appease the history lover in you.


Despite being one of France's most underrated cities, Lyon is a beautiful place to visit. Many other details make Lyon a beautiful place to visit.

Tip: There are unique, hidden passageways that connect the Vieux Lyon to the river (traboules). This place is the best match for a romantic walk with the person you love.



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