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Prague, Czech Republic: The Classical Music Hub

Prague is home to over 1 million people and Czech Republic’s capital city. It's the largest city in the country and the 13th largest in the European Union. Prague is called the "city of a hundred spires."

More so, Prague is popular with:

  • Baroque and Gothic cathedrals

  • Medieval squares

  • Nightlife spots

  • A lively art scene

  • Well-preserved castles and more

Because Prague is famous for numerous things, it has something for every person. The Czech Republic has a lovely music tradition that you can't miss if you visit. 

Additionally, they have numerous public contributions to western classical music. These contributions can find their roots as far back as the renaissance. Prague is home to countless local composers. 

In addition to local composers, Prague housed Amadeus Mozart, who performed beautiful music pieces that the Czech are proud of. Because of their love for music, attending a classical music concert in Prague is one of the top five things you should try when you are there.

They have numerous concert centers and churches where you can listen to a great orchestra. There are three major Opera houses here, each of which boasts of its unique architecture and appearance.

National Theatre (Národní Divadlo)

Built between 1863-1883, the Národní Divadlo is a beautiful neo-renaissance building set by the river. It is an important cultural institution for Czech people. It has also played a significant role in their development in arts, music, and language.

Prague State Opera

The Prague State opera was completed in 1888 and reopened in 2020 after an extensive renovation. It is currently a 21st-century theatre that shows opera and ballet by many famous composers.

Estates Theatre

Estates Theatre is one of the best historical theatres in Europe. It opened in 1783 in Prague. This theatre is famous for being where Mozart performed the premiere of Don Giovanni in 1787.


If you love classical music or any type of music, planning your trip to Prague during theatre season is perfect. The months of September to June are usually theatre season in these opera houses.

Tip: If you want to see Mozart's Don Giovanni's remarkable run, try to time your trip for august and visit Estates Theatre.


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