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10. Munich - IG Cropped (1).jpg

Fun facts about Munich

  • Munich got its name from the Monks of the Benedictine order who founded the city. The meaning is “by the monks place”

  • There are over 60 Beer Gardens,  Always can find a good pint!

  • Old town Munich is for pedestrians only.   They closed the major streets for the 1972 Olympics  never reopened it. It’s a lovely pedestrian downtown area.

  • Octoberfest is 3-weeks every year..  It start’s the 3rd week of September and ends the 1st week of October.

  • The Germans considered Beer as actual food.  I do too!  That must be the German in me!

  • There is a river in the middle of Munich you can surf on.  

  • Playdoh was invented in Munich.

  • Jimmy Hendrix smashed his 1st guitar here on November 9th, 1966 when playing in the Munich club called Big Apple.

  • Munich is the southernmost major city in Germany, but it’s still farther north than any major city in the United States.

  • Munich’s Tech University has 4-story slides for their students so they can get to classes faster.  That would be fun!

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