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Monet's House


Claude Monet's house

The home of the famous French painter Claude Monet is located In the picturesque town of Giverny, France.


The house is set on beautiful grounds, designed by Monet himself.  The estate features a japanese inspired water garden with a small, meandering brook and the famous water lilly pond.  There is a variety of beautiful vegetation including weeping willows, a stand of bamboo and nympheas, which bloom all summer. There is also a famous japanese bridge, covered with Wisterias, and other, smaller bridges.


A second garden, known as The Clos Normand, features a central alley with iron arches which support climbing roses. The garden is situated in front of the house and slopes gently down towards a road.  Flowers of various heights and colors fill the beds on either side of the alley.


The house is quite unique for a number of reasons. For one thing, it is very long yet quite narrow. Monet painted the interior with vibrant colors including a blue sitting room and a yellow dining room.  Monet's studio was located in the house, and there is a barn that doubled as a painting studio. Today the barn functions as a souvenir shop for the estate.


A trip to the estate is well worth the time, as you will be rewarded with a fantastic, colorful trip to the past and a glimpse into the life and mind of one of the art world's true geniuses.

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